1. Keep the Hot Tub Running Continuously
2. Achieve the Right Chemical Levels
3. Use Bromine, and not Chlorine
4. Clean the Filter Once a Month
5. Clean the Hot Tub Cover Regularly

Keep the Hot Tub Running Continuously
You should keep your new hot tub running continuously.  It’s because the hot hub has circulating pumps intended to distribute water regularly. This would keep the water in the hot tub clean. Circulating the water will maintain the cleaning and filtering process, while preventing algae from growing.
So don’t turn off the hot tub if you want it to function properly. The only time you must turn it off is when you are not going to use it for an extended period, like when you are away on a vacation. Obviously, you may wonder if this is a wise move as it may seem like a waste of energy. But you can always turn down the temperature to save on energy costs.
Achieve the Right Chemical Levels
Maintaining the right chemical levels can ensure the long life of your new hot tub. If the levels are too low, then there’s a great chance that bacterial growth would follow. Not only does it make your new hot tub look gross, but can also pose health risks to you and your loved ones.
You have to adjust the chemical levels of the hot tub. Change the total alkalinity first before hardness, chlorine, and bromine. Calcium hardness and pH levels are the least of your worries.
You need to make sure the chemical levels don’t get too high because it can cause the hot tub to rust.  This could have an impact on your new hot tub as it may degrade too quickly.
Use Bromine and not Chlorine
When it comes to sanitizing a hot tub, there are two major choices—chlorine and bromine. The former is considered a more popular option because it is cheaper, but needs more maintenance. But if you want your hot tub to last longer, you’d rather use bromine because it lasts longer aside from requiring less maintenance.
Bromine is not only likely to last longer than chlorine. It is also not as harsh and not as bad smelling as chlorine.
In using bromine, the read on the test strips must be between 3 and 5 ppm. You may use a floater for the bromine tablets so these would easily dissolve in the water over time.
In case you insist on using chlorine, the level should be between 1.5 and 3 ppm.  But don’t use too much of it as this will likely damage the hot tub and its cover.
Clean the Filter Once a Month
Clean the filter regularly, like once a month, to prolong the life span of your new hot tub.  You should also replace the filter if it is cracked, or if it still looks dirty after cleaning.
There’s really no reason why you should not clean the filter, as the job is easy you’d only need 20 minutes or less to do it.
To clean the filter, place the spa in hold mode first. Remove the filter cap, filter plate and filter cartridges. Once these have been removed from the tub, get a high-pressure garden hose and spray clean the fabric filtration material. Start from the top then to the bottom of each pleat. Don’t use a brush in cleaning the filter cartridges because it can damage the filtration medium.
Check the cartridge if there are collected suntan lotions or body oils. To remove these, soak the cartridge in warm water with detergent. Or soak it in a plastic container with water mixed with muriatic acid to remove calcium deposits. Then rinse with water.
After cleaning the filters, reinstall the cartridges then reset the control system.
Clean the Hot Tub Cover Regularly
Clean the hot tub cover regularly, preferably every month, to keep it in god condition. The hot tub cover protects your investment against various elements all-year long, and cleaning and condition it regularly should make it last much longer.
The good news is that cleaning a hot tub cover is relatively easy.  Wet the cover with a high pressure garden hose to loosen dirt and enable you to easily wipe down the surface.
Then apply a non-abrasive cleaner to a sponge or cloth. Start wiping.  Regularly rinse the sponge or cloth, and re-apply cleaner every time you wipe the cover. This would prevent smearing the dirt around. Also, wipe the apron or underside of the cover. These are some of the tips you need to follow to maintain a new hot tub.


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