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From cheap and functional to extravagant and luxurious, at Hot Tubs Galore, we have it all. With so many hot tub choices for brand names, styles, and quality levels, we’ll definitely have something that will suit your tastes and budget.

htg---why-usHot Tubs Galore is not a franchise, so we won’t try to sell you on any particular brand name—we’ll simply give you all the information you need to make a decision based on what’s best for you.

We don’t believe in luring potential customers with expensive advertising, fancy showrooms, and professional salespeople, simply because it can be misleading and it’s just not “us”. A large percentage of our clients are referrals and they come from satisfied customers who enjoy our down-to-earth and sensible approach to hot tub shopping. This is the best compliment any business-owner could receive and it’s what makes us stand out!

Hot Tubs Galore has been run as a small family-based business since 1997. It started growing and expansion seemed like the logical thing to do, so a storefront was created. The storefront then grew faster than could have been imagined and the idea came up to open multiple locations across British Columbia. The only problem was, the bigger that Hot Tubs Galore became, the less we enjoyed it. The business was booming, but robbing Steve and his family of their “joie de vivre”.

After going through some difficult times in 2009, the question was asked: “What’s the point of making big money if all it does is make our lives miserable and we don’t have the time or energy to enjoy it?”. Steve and his wife began to consider closing the business and getting different jobs.

After some serious deliberation, they came up with a plan to drastically scale everything back and simplify their lives while staying in the hot tub business. Instead of having a storefront with regular store hours and hiring staff to deal with clients, they now do business at home through phone and email, and meet clients, in person, by appointment only.

We trust in our methods of being low on “bling” and high on value. Because of this, our emphasis is on informed selection rather than flashy presentation, which makes all the difference to our valued customers. Our low overhead costs allow us to sell new and used hot tubs for less.

Specializing in hot tubs and running a repair shop has made us familiar with all kinds of spa makes and models, from the 1970’s to the present, so we genuinely understand unique engineering, design, and construction. We truly know what’s important when it comes to selecting the perfect hot tub. We realize that a hot tub is a big investment, and we’d like to help you make a wise decision!

Hot Tubs Galore is a rustic warehouse concept in an informal setting.

New and used, over two dozen brands, huge selection, lowest possible pricing!

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