1. Put it where you’ll use it
  2. Put it in a place fitting for its use
  3. Put it where you can enjoy a good view
  4. Put it on a solid foundation
  5. Put it where it is easier and cheaper to do so

Put it where you’ll use it

There is no use of having a hot tub when you cannot get to it is as fast and as conveniently as possible. It may look great on the far end of your backyard but on rainy days and in a cold weather having a hot tub close to your back door might be a better option. Your hot tub must also have easy access to the bathroom for easy changing and drying. A handy faucet and a hose nearby can also make filling up the tub easier. A hot tub provides leisure and relaxation so there must be no stress in dipping into it any time you want to. So before you get everything ready for the installation, location decision must be made and the key consideration for that must be comfort.

Put it in a place fitting for its use

A hot tub can be a family thing but it can also be for adults, for parents and their friends coming over for a night of fun, relaxation, and some wine. If it will be used by kids then the location of the tub must be somewhere near to where the family congregates like at the back porch. If adults will be using it then privacy is an important consideration. Putting the tub farther out in the backyard with a post and lattice structure around it should make it more private at the same time make it an attractive addition to your yard. You can also choose to have some vine running through the lattices to add more privacy or, better yet, construct a gazebo type structure around the hot tub so that it can be further enclosed and its privacy improved even more.

Put it where you can enjoy a good view

You must always think about what you end up seeing when you are soaking in the relaxing water of the tub. You might prefer an open view of the sky, or place it in such a way so that you can borrow the view from the distant mountain range. Never settle in a location that would mean you will be seeing nothing but a blank wall or a patch of soil devoid of any vegetation or plants. While relaxing with some friends or family it always helps when you have something nice to see around the vicinity of your property.

Put it on a solid foundation

The location of the tub must be somewhere where it can be safely installed, its foundation solid enough to support it and therefore make it last longer. There is a lot of consideration when it comes to hot tub installation. This includes the total water capacity of the tub, its dry weight, and its surface area. The total weight of the tub must be calculated so that location and foundation choices can be better made. Foundation choices are the following:

  • Concrete slab – this is one of the most common foundation choices for a hot tub. This must be 4 inches thick complete with rebar so that it will not crack overtime. Cure time must also be considered for the concrete.
  • Bed of crushed gravel – a crushed gravel foundation is cheaper than the concrete slab but provides almost the same stability. The crushed gravel must be 4 inches deep. The gravel must be compact enough to prevent the gravel from settling as the weight of the tub is bearing on it. A 4×4’ square timber frame might be needed to be installed on the gravel surface to make sure the gravel will stay put as the tub is set.
  • Other foundation options are pavers or blocks, prefabricated tub pad, and wood or composite decking.

Put it where it’s easier and cheaper to do so

Making cost effective choices is important especially if you are on a budget and you plan to either do the tub installation yourself or you just want to spend less on the installation. Installing a hot tub indoors is a more complicated option. The first challenge of putting a tub inside the house is ventilation. You will be dealing a lot of steam when the hot tub is up and functioning. You do not want moisture to accumulate in our home’s walls, ceiling, and floor.

Another thing that might make an indoor hot tub installation more difficult and expensive is the drainage issue. You will have to take care of the indoor plumbing to get a lot of water drained from the tub as often as you need to. The drainage system must be prepared first before you get your tub installed. An option to make this task easier is to have a submersible pump to get the water out from the tub. But this option still needs access to a form of drainage system from your indoor space.

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