Three Reasons You Should Consider a Used Hot Tub

Three Reasons You Should Consider a Used Hot Tub Everyone wants a hot tub but not everyone can afford the price tag that comes with a brand new model. Not to worry, Hot Tubs Galore in Surrey stocks a huge range of used hot tubs to meet every size and price...

What to Consider Before Buying a Hot Tub

1.  Shop around to find the best price. 2. Determine the right placement for your tub. 3. Choose a tub with the right dimensions. 4. Decide on the shape you want. 5. Consider maintenance requirements. 6. Buy a tub cover.   Shop around to get the best price. Just...

5 Tips to Maintain a New Hot Tub

1. Keep the Hot Tub Running Continuously 2. Achieve the Right Chemical Levels 3. Use Bromine, and not Chlorine 4. Clean the Filter Once a Month 5. Clean the Hot Tub Cover Regularly Keep the Hot Tub Running Continuously You should keep your new hot tub running...

Used Hot Tubs: 10 Safety Tips

Consider Buying a Brand New Hot Tub Make Sure That It is Properly Decontaminated Be Careful with Its Electrical System Think About the Rust in the Metal Parts Check Thoroughly for Insect Infestation A Used Hot Tub Can Be a Home for Animals Monitor the Tub for Mold Let...

What to Know Before Buying a Hot Tub

Is it Safe for You to Soak in a Hot Tub Can You Afford the Kind of Hot Tub You Want? Online Research Can Be Misleading What Size Do You Need? Is it Safe for You to Soak in a Hot Tub?Quite a few health experts laud hot tubs as excellent therapeutic devices. If you’re...

How to Maintain a New Hot Tub

Adding chemicals to your new hot tub’s water may not seem very ideal at first, but it’s absolutely necessary to keep the water sanitized and for it to not become a breeding ground for bacteria, which thrive in warm water. By using hot tub test strips, you can determine if the water in your tub is lacking any of those chemicals.

The Importance of Warranty on Your Hot Tub

A warranty reassures you that the hot tub is in good condition when you purchased it, and that the manufacturer is willing to stand by it by providing repairs or replacement in a specific period of time, within certain conditions. As a consumer, you will want to purchase a hot tub that has a warranty in place, as it’s something that connects you to the manufacturer, and gives you the right to come to them shall you encounter any problems or issues with their product in the future.

Best Places To Put A Hot Tub

There is no use of having a hot tub when you cannot get to it is as fast and as conveniently as possible. It may look great on the far end of your backyard but on rainy days and in a cold weather having a hot tub close to your back door might be a better option. Your hot tub must also have easy access to the bathroom for easy changing and drying. A handy faucet and a hose nearby can also make filling up the tub easier.

7 Tips to Maintain a New Hot Tub

It shouldn’t be turned off at all if you want to maintain your new hot tub, unless you’re not going to use it for a very long period of time. To save energy when you’re not using the hot tub, you can turn down the temperature. But the hot tub should be running at all times.

5 Most Important Things to Know about New Hot Tubs

When you decide on a new hot tub, you may be attracted by its long list of impressive features. Some hot tubs may offer only basic comforts, but others may offer superior automated functions.

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