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Find the answers to your most commonly asked questions about new and used hot tubs, including accessories and repair work!

How Is Hot Tubs Galore Different?

People frequently tell us that our “holistic” approach (new and used sales, parts, service, repairs, moving, recycling, and salvaging) makes us more informed and gives us more credibility than stores that only deal with new hot tubs and only represent one brand name. Many people prefer to do business with a small family run company, such as Hot Tubs Galore, than a big franchise store. That’s how we’re different!

Do You Sell New and Used Hot Tubs?

Yes! At Hot Tubs Galore, we offer both new hot tubs and used hot tubs to all of our clients, depending on your preferences. Please take a look at our new hot tub range and used hot tub range pages for further information on selection and pricing. Contact us today for further information!

How Can Hot Tubs Galore Sell for Less than Everybody Else?

Our hot tub store in Surrey doesn’t need to sell new spas in order to stay in business.  We could get by selling only used hot tubs and running our “parts and service” department.  New hot tubs are just “icing on the cake”. So we can afford to sell them for less than places that rely solely on new hot tub sales to survive.

Often people come to us looking for a used spa but when they find out they can get a new one for so little, they decide to go that route instead. This allows us to keep a better inventory of used spas for those who are on an extremely limited budget.

Although we still specialize in used hot tubs, we now sell more new hot tubs than we do used ones. So you can see that when it comes to our low prices on new spas, everybody wins.

What is the “Best Quality” Hot Tub?

When shopping for a hot tub, there’s a lot more to the selection process than simply identifying the “best quality” brand.  Your choice should take into consideration your personal needs, tastes, priorities, and budget.

On the showroom floor of retail stores, terms like qualityperformance, and workmanship are thrown around as “power words”, but they don’t really mean much without an accurate explanation and credible evidence.

What really matters is performance, comfort, reliability, insulation, longevity, and durability, which are all offered and explained with every hot tub we sell!

What Hot Tub Accessories Do You Offer?

We had a complete selection of diverse hot tub accessories for sale, including covers, parts, and equipment. Can’t find what you’re looking for elsewhere? We’ll help you get it!

Can You Repair My Broken Hot Tub?

Yes! At Hot Tubs Galore, we’re proud to offer extensive repair services. This is an integral service for any hot tub owner as, over time, things may need a bit of tweaking to ensure proper running condition. Simply contact us today for further information.

How Do I Get Rid of My Old Hot Tub?

Simply contact Hot Tubs Galore today! We are happy to offer removal, disposal, and recycling services for any one who needs. We are happy to play our part in keeping the environment clean by properly disposing of your old hot tub.

What are Some Things to Watch Out For When Buying Used?

Here are just a few of the potential problems that our hot tub store can protect you from when purchasing a used hot tub:

  • Unsanitary conditions
  • electronic malfunction
  • obsolete and obscure essential parts
  • plumbing problems
  • computer issues
  • wood rot, rust, cracks and delamination
  • shell warp
  • blisters and crazing
  • rodent damage
  • tub warp
  • bug infestation
  • mold
  • insulation insufficiency or loss
  • …and much more!

At Hot Tubs  Galore, we fix every used hot tub and make sure it’s running before we even put it up for sale. If we can’t find the parts to repair it, we never offer it for sale and we keep it around for people needing old parts.

Remember that we also sell a wide variety of NEW hot tubs! Be sure to contact us for details.

Where is Hot Tubs Galore Located?

We are located in the Port Kells area of Surrey. To schedule an appointment to view our large selection of new hot tubs and used hot tubs, simply contact us today! We operate by appointment only.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for, we’d love to hear from you! Simply contact us today!

Hot Tubs Galore is a rustic warehouse concept in an informal setting.

New and used, over two dozen brands, huge selection, lowest possible pricing!

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