1. Consider Buying a Brand New Hot Tub
  2. Make Sure That It is Properly Decontaminated
  3. Be Careful with Its Electrical System
  4. Think About the Rust in the Metal Parts
  5. Check Thoroughly for Insect Infestation
  6. A Used Hot Tub Can Be a Home for Animals
  7. Monitor the Tub for Mold
  8. Let a Pro Check Your Used Hot Tub
  9. Always Make Sure That the Water Is Disinfected
  10. Avoid Risky Behavior When Using Hot Tubs

Consider Buying a Brand New Hot Tub

Buying a used hot tub is like buying a used car. When all things are considered, it’s safer to buy a brand one than to buy a used tub. The problem is here is that as time passes some parts wear down and they may not function as well as before.  There’s also the chance that the previous owner didn’t maintain the hot tub properly. 

On the other hand, you can get a nice discount with a used model.

Make Sure That It is Properly Decontaminated

For your health, you need to really make sure that your used hot tub is thoroughly sanitized. It doesn’t matter if you think that the hot tub looks clean enough. Deep within the plumbing and the pipes, germs can reside and breed. You may have lots of contaminants hidden beneath, including dead skin cells of previous users, their hair, dirt, and slime.

Be Careful Regarding the Electrical System

It doesn’t seem all that safe when you combine electrical parts with water, doesn’t it? But a hot tub, even a used one, can be safe. You just need to make sure that all the parts that run with an electrical current are all running perfectly. What you don’t want is a jolt of electricity running through the water.

So check this aspect thoroughly so you won’t have to worry. After all, a soak in the hot tub is supposed to be relaxing!

Think About the Rust in the Metal Parts

When you have water and a device with metal parts, you have a very good chance of getting rust issues. This is especially true for spa water, because it is chlorinated and that makes it more corrosive. When you have a plumbing leak, the water will quickly turn any metal part it touches to rust. So check for rust, and don’t buy a used hot tub with visible rust, with rust stains on the pipes, or with motor mount bolts that have been loosened with rust.

Check Thoroughly for Insect Infestation

All those dark spaces underneath a used hot tub can be the perfect home for small insects. It’s not rare to find small creatures like ants, bees, and wasps living inside a hot tub. They’re very difficult to eliminate once they’ve established their home inside. Even termites can get at the various wooden parts under the hot tub.

A Used Hot Tub Can Be a Home for Animals

In some cases, you may even have larger animals living inside. Mice and rats can be very common, and in some cases even squirrels, raccoons, and skunks have made the hot tub their home. There are even times when these animals die inside the tunnels they’ve created inside.

Mice and rats may go for the insulation of the pipes and the shell. Electrical wires, hoses, and pipes can be attacked, so that they’ll be weak enough that they’ll break down when the hot tub is moved.

Monitor the Tub for Mold

Mold can be a problem when you have moisture. In some situations, you may have mold covering the inside walls of the tub. The mold can prove very hard to remove. And that’s a problem, because they can be a health hazard and they also quicken the decomposition of the hot tub.

Mold is like rust, so you can’t just cover it up with paint. Beneath the coating, it will still spread out. You’ll need to use a special solution to get rid of it.

Let a Pro Check Your Used Hot Tub

Since there’s always a potential problem you won’t know about with a hot tub, your best bet is to get an expert to look it over for you. They have the experience and the expertise to know what to look for and what to do. They can help repair any problems you may have. They can also warn you off from used hot tubs that will require a lot more work.

Always Make Sure That the Water Is Disinfected

Now that you have your used hot tub, you should make sure that the tub is always clean. The water you use should always be disinfected. This will help prevent the spread of disease. If you’re not sure about the quality of the water, just don’t get in.

Avoid Risky Behavior When Using Hot Tubs

You should also take care about how you act when you’re using the tub. Don’t mix alcohol or drug use with your soaking time. Don’t run around the edges, and take care when getting in and out. And when there are children, there should always be adult supervision.


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