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When shopping for a used hot tub, there’s a lot more to the selection process than simply identifying the best-quality brand. Your choice should take into consideration your personal needs, tastes, priorities, and budget. Asking the right questions when shopping for a used spa is imperative to finding your right selection. The thing is, you likely won’t find a straight answer to any of your questions from brochures, websites, or salespeople. That’s where we come in!

At Hot Tubs Galore, we take the time to explain all of your options to you, while keeping you informed of the most important things to consider. All of our used hot tubs have been thoroughly inspected, pressure-tested, and sanitized.  They are all in good condition, run well and look nice.

Although we only stock spas that we can sell with pride and confidence, some of them are better quality than others, and prices vary. We sometimes sell used tubs “as is” for as little as $1000, before we fix them up, but we most commonly sell fully-refurbished, full-size used spas with warranty. These typically cost between $2000-$4500, depending on size, age, quality, and supply and demand.

As used spa specialists, we understand that consumers can be skeptical about buying used, but we know better than anyone what the dangers can be! Even if a used hot tub appears to be running fine and in good condition, lots can go wrong as soon as it’s moved. Deteriorating pipes and hoses, old electronics, finicky computers and worn mechanical components may hold out for many years as long as the hot tub sits still and is uninterrupted. The thing is, hot tubs often break down or spring new leaks due to the strain and trauma of being disconnected, physically moved, then resuscitated.

Just like used cars, there are lots of OK-looking used hot tubs out there that would be a huge mistake to buy. Sometimes repairs can cost thousands of dollars, and there are safety issues to consider as well. We hope we haven’t scared you too much because we want you to know that there are many really good used hot tubs out there as well!

It is very possible to find a 15-year old spa that will easily outlast a brand new one! An almost-new tub can have more problems than a much older one, so the quality and condition is more important than the manufacturing date.

At Hot Tubs Galore, we are in the business of finding the best used hot tubs in the province and making them available to the general public. All of our used hot tubs have passed a detailed 125-point inspection. After that, we pressure-test the system and do a deep-cleaning flush. This significantly lowers the chance of anything going wrong after we deliver them to their new home. As a result, we rarely have to do warranty work.

Contact us to discover the used hot tubs we currently have in stock. We’d be thrilled to show you what we can offer and get you in the spa of your dreams today!

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