1. Is it Safe for You to Soak in a Hot Tub
  2. Can You Afford the Kind of Hot Tub You Want?
  3. Online Research Can Be Misleading
  4. What Size Do You Need?

Is it Safe for You to
Soak in a Hot Tub?

Quite a few health experts laud hot tubs as excellent
therapeutic devices. If you’re recuperating from an injury or need relief from
a chronic condition, buying a hot tub
may just be the thing for you. It can help you relax so you can sleep more soundly
at night. It can soothe your tight muscles after a strenuous workout or a
vigorous athletic game. It can help relieve your aching joints as you get

Just keep in mind that for most hot tub users, the
temperature of the water can stay within 100 to 102 degrees F. Some even get to
104 degrees F, which is the upper limit for the recommended temperature. But
you should check with your doctor first, especially if you’re dealing with
heart problems or if you’re pregnant. And if you’re using the hot tub for pain
relief, you also need to discuss its use with your doctor to see if it really
is appropriate for your case.

Can You Afford the
Kind of Hot Tub You Want?

It’s not impossible for you to pay many thousands of dollars
for your hot tub. This is especially true for high-end models that are
installed in-ground. Not only will you pay a high price for the model itself,
but you’ll need to pay for installation too. You may have to spend more money
for excavation, and for work with the electrical and plumbing systems.

Extra features will cost you more money, then there’s the
cover and the maintenance chemicals too. Then you’ll also see a marked increase
in your energy bills. So make sure you have a very accurate idea of how much
your hot tub is going to cost you in the end.

Do some research online, so that at least you get a better
idea of how much a type of hot tub costs, how much a specific brand costs, and
how much you’ll have to pay for accessories.

Online Research Can Be

Most people nowadays use the Internet to do some basic
research on any type of purchase. This is especially true when it’s a major
purchase. Buying a hot tub can be
considered a major purchase, as the most expensive models can come with a
$20,000 price tag.

The problem is that doing online research may actually give
you a skewed perception of the situation. A company that receives a lot of
positive reviews may actually require its employees to post gushing reviews in
various forums and ecommerce sites. A manufacturer may receive more negative
reviews than other brands simply because they sell more units each year, and
consequently they get more negative reviews.

And if a company doesn’t solicit positive reviews, it can
get more negative ones instead. In fact, it’s always possible for a hot tub
manufacturer to have its reputation attacked online. Sometimes the brand may
also get the blame for any improper service done by the retailer.

What Size Do You Need?

This will depend on several factors. First, you need to
consider the space limitations. This is especially true if you’re putting it
indoors. You’ll need to make sure the room is well-ventilated, and that it has
the space for the hot tub you want. And don’t forget that the hot tub will have
to be brought in. It won’t matter if you have enough space in a room, except
that the hot tub won’t fit through the hallways or doors to get to the space.

Then you’ll need to consider just how many people will be
using the hot tub. Perhaps you intend to use it with just the spouse. Others
may want to host hot tub parties for friends, so it will need to be much
bigger. Most of the time, if you have a family then the entire family will
spend time in the hot tub together.

Even if you live alone and intend to use it for solo
soaking, you still need a hot tub that fits your size. Many hot tubs are meant
for people within an average size range. If you’re too tall, then you may end
up slouching so the water will go past your shoulder. But if you’re too short,
you may then have trouble keeping your head above water.

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